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Property Update!

Just wanted to let everyone read the wonderful e-mail I received from a gentleman who now owns some camp property. He found our CTC website after buying the property and doing some online research about Chippewa Trail Camp. He said he really enjoyed looking through all our camp pictures here and seeing how things used to look.

Here's the latest message he sent me describing the property now:

"Here's what up with the camp. The frontage was broken up into 9 lots of 100 ft wide by 300 ft deep each. We bought the 3 southern most lots including the beach which was unfortunately partially transformed into a parking lot for the big lodge next door. It's still somewhat beachy on the water though looks a little more rocky than the pictures on your website. The northern most lot was also sold so there are 5 left including the one with the lodge.

The rest of the property was in the process of becoming a 60 lot subdivision before we acquired it with another party from the Wabagamme area. There were four cottages on the north side of the property which were resold to Wabagamme folks and the old cafeteria (I think that's what it was) is now being transformed into a summer cottage. The half that we ended up with included Shorty's old house, two cottages across the street, and a red storage barn.

Most of the cottages look fairly new but I think there may have been one original camp cottage on the northern side. There is now a paved road into the property which may have replaced a two track of the camp days. Shorty's house looks like it may be somewhat unchanged as the kitchen and appliances look very 60's (orange formica counter top, etc.). The basement has a lot of childrens painting on the walls, but I don't know if that's left over from the camp days.

I would be glad to take some digital pictures next time I'm there if you like. In fact I may already have some (I found one of the beach).

As far as our plans for the property go, we're currently deciding what to do with it as we don't really need it. Our primary objective was to stop the obsurd subdivision from going in and the timing was right for acquiring it at a reasonable price. So right now we're leaning towards selling most of it, though we possibly have some family that may be interested in parts."

And here's the photo of the Beach he mentioned: