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Song CD from October 2004 Reunion!

Hello Everyone!

The Marvelous Renee Bator has a musical offer for all CTC alums. She taped us singing last year at the big CTC Reunion, edited the tape, and made a CD of the weekend's music. She's offering copies to anyone who's interested -- depending on how many respond, the price should be around $4-$6/CD plus the cost of shipping. If you are interested in ordering a CD from her, please e-mail her directly at:

FYI: According to Renee, the songs are from the entire weekend and the sound quality on the tape is not great, so the CD is probably the same -- lots of background talking/laughing/campfire crackling.

Below is a list of the songs (may not be entirely complete, but it's close).

Skid A Ma Rink A Dinky Dink
I'm Up Here in a Nuthouse
Old Mill
Log: Billy the Brown Bat
Now Ends a Happy Day
Noontime Grace
We Are the Girls of Chipway Chorus
Crocodile Song
Swinging Along
If the Lake Is Clear and Blue
Simplest Thing
Silk Hat
A Boy and a Girl
Horsey, Horsey, On Your Way
White Choral Bells
I Want to Go Back to Chippewa
Ash Grove
Hand Me Down
Bed is Too Small
Picture a Spot
Tell Me Why
Say When
Man in the Moon
Make New Friends
Now Ends A Happy Day
Prayer (alone with Jesus)
Time to Say Goodbye
Chippewa Trail, We Love You
Picture a Spot
Hand Me Down
Tell Me Why
Time to Say Goodbye (again)
Pals (goodbye girls, Goodbye Shorty)