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The idea behind this page came after I received a few e-mails asking if I knew or could find the location of some CTC alums. So here is a CTC Lost & Found page where I will post requests for information about alums whom other alums (or even non-alums) would like to find.

If you're looking for a CTC alum, just e-mail me and I'll post your request and e-mail address here. If someone reads your request and has information about the alum you're trying to find, that person can e-mail you directly or send an e-mail to me that I'll pass along.

Christine Lowther Sayre Sarah Buschmann - Sarah and I were in Tonda in 1974, but had been in cabins together in previous years. She was from Naples, Fl, but her mother had a cottage in Petoskey, MI, during the summer with her grandmother. I would love to know what she is up to.
Beth Oberfelder Greenbaum Cathy Whiteside – at camp from about 1960-1964, Jean Ann Phillips – at camp from about 1960-1964, and Pam Alexander - she's in Florida somewhere -- was a chip in 1960
Lynn Desenberg Heumann Anne Bacon – From East Grand Rapids and attended camp in mid 70’s, and Kim Godshall – Anne’s friend also from East Grand Rapids
Ginny Herrmann Ellen Witus - who attended around 1960-1962.
Carol Sonenklar Cathy Golden - she was from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was a camper in Tonda in 1969. FOUND!
Judy Marks Harrison Jane Grissom - from Fort Wayne. She was a camper in the 60's and in Tonda in 1963.
Patty Blumberg Mattler Sue Smith - Zonta 1963 and Tonda 1963, Ayn Ripan - Tonda 1964, Roxie Groff - Tonda 1964, Smokey - counselor Tonda 1964, FOUND! Wisty - counselor in Chips Circle around 1961FOUND! I could be wrong about the dates.....but in that general vicinity....or earlier
Patti Green Brundirks Susan Knowles, 1961, Tonda FOUND!
Patti Green Brundirks Mary Nowack, 1961, Tonda
Patti Green Brundirks Betty Ann Schultz, 1961, Tonda
Jo Flax Bev Wicks, Bev was a counselor in the late 60s or early 70s. She is in a staff picture on the web site. The last I knew she had married a guy named Ron Samuel (or Samuels)-I can't remember-this was about 1970 or so. The last time I saw her was about 1974-she was in Grand Rapids I think. FOUND!
Gweneth Dietrich Pat Huston, from Kalamazoo, attended CTC at least from '62 to '65 FOUND!
Gweneth Dietrich Molly DuCharme, from Dearborn, MI, attended CTC at least from '62 to '65 FOUND!
Linnea Kettler Brunk Karen Marks (FOUND!), DeDe Pliskin, "Fred" (Milicent) Wright, Cindy Martin FOUND!, Wendy Strawbridge, and "Smokey" (Myrna) Baugh FOUND!, all Tonda 1964