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Deb Jordan Bryan buys The Lodge!!

Here is the announcement, straight from Deb:

Hello Everyone,

I have some news that I hope you will all find exciting. Steve and I have just returned from the camp property, and have made an offer that was accepted, to purchase the Lodge and it’s surrounding acre of property. We advised Mike last fall of our sincere interest to own anything that might come available. He and Cathy feel the structure is no longer suitable for their needs, due to size. . They intend to build on the hill above, beginning immediately. They presented us with the opportunity to buy the Lodge and we immediately booked a trip to visit the property. After 2 days of showing Steve around the area, and “kicking tires” he is as excited as I am! The deal will close within 60 days.

Our goal is to expose our 10 year old to a different lifestyle. We have felt for some time the need to make a part time lifestyle change from San Diego. . We are able to do this because we can conduct our business from anywhere. . We will spend 6 weeks there in the summer, 2 weeks in the fall, and some time in the winter/spring . The rest of the open weeks will be available for rent. It is our intention to offer the Lodge to all CTC campers, staff and families for rental, at a reasonable amount. I intend to decorate and furnish the Lodge in appropriate and tasteful camp” feel” I will also have pictures form CTC , as well as various other memorabilia displayed there. We will provide DVD’s of the old camp movies, and make it a “memory friendly” place to relax and reflect. The Lodge will sleep 8, once I am finished.

The waterfront lots have all been sold, so there is no lake frontage officially. It is our hope we can work out an arrangement with a few of the new lakefront owners for us to walk down to the lake. Our property also includes the “men’s cabin” which is currently all storage and the Bathroom building. (Yes, of course, the toilets are all gone,) and it is also storage. The property is surrounded by common area, so no new structures can be built there. What we saw in October, with the exception of the lakefront, is all that will ever be there. The camp bell and tree house are on common area.

We intend to arrive by July 1 and begin the “furnishing” process. I will work until August 13 and then we will return to San Diego for Jordan to start school. We hope to make it available to renters after this date. We will have the basics done by then, and as time goes on hope to restore some things to their original condition. This could take a season or two. It is in perfect condition structurally, which Steve and I feel very good about. As you know, the kitchen is commercial and you could serve 200!

I am writing this in the great hope that all those that long to go back to camp may now do so. It is my heart’s desire to provide all of us with a vehicle to take us back to those cherished days, (albeit in a limited capacity). I feel very fortunate indeed to have this opportunity and a husband who also shares this vision. I truly hope this we be happy news, and we can have many, many more reunions in all sizes, on the deck of The Lodge at Chippewa Trail Camp.

“Respectfully submitted,”

Deb Jordan Bryan


I’m so pleased at everyone’s reaction!!! I just emailed Linnea to see if she wanted to have her mini-reunion at the Lodge this summer. I really want people to use it, and take back their “camp”.

Meanwhile, if people would like to plan some time there they can start thinking about it. I hope to get a website up for the property eventually, with pictures and date availability. In the meantime, people will need to email me directly (e-mail Deb at

I’m also looking for any memorabilia that anyone might want to sell back to me. It’s possible people may have things that they are not really that attached to. I am definitely interested in collecting treasures from camp, and I’m willing to pay for them!

That’s about it for now. I’m counting the days until we get there. We will have a lot to do, since we will have to furnish the whole place! We also want to get the polyurethane off the fireplace!